Shree Riddhi Siddhi Multipurpose Co-op. Credit Society was established under the dynamic leadership of Shri. Shyam Jadhav On 30-May-2010. Shree Riddhi Siddhi Multipurpose Co-Op Society Ltd. #1628/B,"Shree Krishna Plaza", 1st Floor,Ansurkar Galli, Belgaum-590001. Ph:0831 4205492.


/ Deposite
Fixed Deposites

Society shall accept deposits from its members only, either in the single name or jointly. The first name of the depositor shall be of the members of the society only.

We offer a range of Corporate Fixed Deposits varying in tenures, interest rates & institutions to suit your investment needs. The deposit schemes have been specially chosen from high-safety options to ensure that you enjoy the twin benefits of returns and protection. Fixed Deposits have always stood for safety, credibility and attractive rates of interest. What's more, our interest rates are among the highest in the industry so you get the benefit of high rates of return on your savings.

These deposits have been further packed with the following features:

Anytime access to your deposits
Deposits across tenures of 90 days                 -------- 7%
Deposits across tenures of 91 days to 1 year   ------- 10%
Deposits across tenures of 1 year to 2 years   ------- 11%
Deposits across tenures of 2 years to 3 years  ------- 12%
Above 3 years and up to 5 years                     ------- 13%


Reinvestment Deposit

In a reinvestment deposit, the interest accrued to your deposit at the end of each invested along with the principal. The tenure of your deposit must be a minimum of 6 months. At the end of the quarter, the interest and the principal are both rolled over, and the interest is calculated on the total sum. Income tax is deducted at source.

Saving Deposit

In these recession times, it is very important to plan spending. Every penny you spend will be important. Most of the people keep the large amount of money in the Savings Account. We are providing very large interest rates for the Savings Account is 5% compare to other societies.

Recurring Deposit

The Recurring deposit in the Society is meant for someone who wants to invest a specific sum of money on a monthly basis for a fixed rate of return. At the end, you will get the principal sum as well as the interest earned during that period. The scheme, a systematic way for long term savings, is one of the excellent investment options for the low-income groups. The minimum investment of Recurring Deposit varies from bank to bank but usually it begins from Rs 100/-. The rate of interest varies between depending on the maturity period and amount invested. The deposit shall be paid as monthly instalments and each subsequent monthly instalment shall be made before the end of the calendar month and shall be equal to the first deposit.

Madhu Sanchay Daily Deposit

Riddhi Siddhi Co-Operative Society Ltd. provides several Daily Deposit Scheme (DDS) to uplift the social and financial status of its members by inculcating saving habits in them. Our DDS offer attractive interest rates and early gratuity period.


Requirements To Open A Current Account:

  • You must be physically present at the Riddhi Siddhi Society Multipurpose Society

  • You need an introducer acceptable to the Riddhi Siddhi Society.

  • This is to enable the society to obtain references on you. Normally, the introducer is an existing customer or someone known to the society.

  • You need to provide certain identification documents such as your identity card or driving licence to substantiate your identity

  • You need to put an initial deposit as specified by your Riddhi Siddhi Society.